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Phiamma Elias-Rachel in “Unthinkable” 12/06/2013

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Phiamma Elias, plays “Rachel” in Eric Stacey’s upcoming feature, “Unthinkable”  She’s recently re-entered the film industry as an actress and Phiamma owns her own production company. Her first feature, “Home Skillet” is how she heard about the part.  Catherine Johnson a.k.a. Helen (Unthinkable) suggested she audition for the role and the rest is history.  Catherine plays a lead supporting role in her feature.

Phiamma describes her character as a stressed out and tired mom.  Rachel is working hard to “get by”.  Her husband is absent most of the time and she’s basically been raising her son, Mike, by herself.  The only thing, her character seems to want is for her son to be successful;  to get good grades and be a good kid.  Rachel does her best to get through each day in one piece, but she finds life to be lonely and isolating.  Phiamma says if she could ask her character one question it would be, “What does she want for herself?”

Phiamma states that PDX is a great film community that’s finding it’s way into the big leagues.  The timing of her decision to be involved in it feels really right!  So, get ready to witness remarkable talent!  How does Rachel fit into this government conspiracy?  What is her fate?  You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!!

Catherine Johnson 11/01/2013

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There are a lot of stars in “Unthinkable”.  One of the most positive, talented and gracious is Catherine Johnson.  Hand picked by Eric Stacey, she knows what the stakes are.  The two worked together on “Purple Mind”  A film centered around a man suffering from PTSD.  With emotionally intense dialogue and a controversial subject matter, Catherine is in for a serious ride.

Catherine states, her character, “Helen” in “Unthinkable” has been married to the same man for ten years and she loves him dearly.  Their lives take on a whole new meaning when something sinister happens to the neighbors.  Helen has a close bond with them.  What is she to do?  Does she unravel the mystery?  Her compassionate and protective nature … does she help or mind her own business?


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I would have no claim to being a real Portlander if I hadn’t done a lot of the casting for our film (“Purple Mind”) from local casting agents and personal recommendations.  One of the very first local actress to get her headshot and resume into my hands was Catherine Johnson, who was interested in the supporting role of MARY, Jenna Matthews mother.  “Cat’s” day job has been selling oncology drugs which takes her all across the country, depending on the season and whether or not she’s doing a movie.  A devoted marathoner, Cat doesn’t feel like the day has even started unless she’s run ten miles before coffee.  And, as dedicated to her acting as to her running, she books dozens of local film and video projects every year.

I first met Cat at a downtown Portland coffee house (World Coffee), where I’d workshopped the screenplay with a core group of local writers in a back room they provide for customers in need of a meeting space.  Cat stands barely five feet tall, but has the energy of half a dozen folks of larger dimension.  Attractive with a Susan Sarandon kind of sensuality, Cat’s look and voice combine to command attention – which always works to an actor’s favor.

Each time we met, Cat would wear amazingly hot short skirts showing off a great pair of (runner’s) legs, the whole Catherine Johnson package starting to fit the image I had of Mary, a mother who had raised her daughter to go off and get pregnant straight out of Junior High.  Also, it didn’t hurt that Cat was a pretty good actress with few inhibitions.  Take a look at this clip from our final read through party…