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UNTHINKABLE 10/04/2013

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What’s Unthinkable – the Government shutdown? Yes, but we have something else in mind. Unthinkable is the title of the new independent film coming from Movies On A Mission. We’ve been in pre-production for the past three weeks and have assembled a kick-ass cast of Portland actors, including Randall Paul (“Eyes Wide Shut”), Dennis Fitzpatrick, Michael Biesanz, Drew Barrios, Deone Jennings and a ton more.
The script is based on actual events – a “murder suicide” according to local police, but possibly a professional assassination according to a well respected investigative journalist.
Want to know more? I’m producing and directing the film, but will jump in when time permits. In the meantime, stand by for updates from filmmaker and Unthinkable participant Laurie Gabriel straight from the trenches.





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Crazy bike ride to the White House?  What’s this all about?

I guess it does sound a little crazy.  It sounded that way to me too when Pam Senzee first called and told me she planned to ride her bike (yes, with pedals) from the San Juan Islands in Washington State all the way across the country to Washington, DC to deliver a petition to the White House.

That is crazy.  Who does stuff like that?  Pam is a member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group of over 1,700 Architects & Engineers who question the official story of how the World Trade Center buildings came down on 9/11.

Oh, no.  More conspiracy theories?  No.  The folks at A&E for 9/11 Truth have conducted serious scientific and forensic studies which produced incontrovertible evidence that the World Trade Center buildings did not come down as a result of fire – the Official Story from the National Institute for Science and Technology.

Don’t most people just turn away from the kind of conspiracy nut jobs you’re talking about?  Yes, and that’s the point of Pam’s ride.  It’s all about outreach.  Pam has made it nearly all the way across the country, giving away hundreds of DVDs from Architects & Engineers founder, Richard Gage, which explain in detail why the group is calling for a new, independent investigation into HOW the World Trade Center buildings really came down.

But I thought the terrorists were all Taliban and Jihadists.  Well, that’s what most people think, but if what the A&E folks are saying about HOW the WTC buildings came down is true, then there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered.

Remember, we’re talking about 3,000 people who were murdered on 9/11.  We’re also talking about two wars, 7,000 US dead and perhaps a million Iraqi dead, not to mention all the casualties plus trillions of tax dollars and assaults on the US Constitution which all came about based on the official story of 9/11.

Well, maybe that’s reason enough to help this nutty gal – what’s her name? – Pam Senzee get the word out.  Glad you think so.  Now, take a look at this little YouTube video I threw together about Pam’s cross country ride to the White House and see what you think.

PURPLE MIND – Outreach for Truth 09/16/2012

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It’s been nearly a month since my last blog.  I can’t explain it other than to say that I just burned out writing about PTSD and so many other troubles that result from people (and Governments) saying one thing but doing another.  Of course, it isn’t nice to characterize this as lying.  A kinder word is the now-popular term used by politicians who “mis-speak.”

I’ve recently been helping document a woman’s bicycle ride for truth.  She’s riding from Orcas Island in Washington state to Washington, DC, where she will deliver a petition for a new investigation into the events of 9/11 to President Obama and to Attorney General, Eric Holder.  Pam Senzee is a member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, an organization boasting over 2,000 certified Architects and Engineers who are convinced the official story – that fire brought down the three World Trade Center buildings –  is a classic example of “mis-speaking.”  A&E offers some very compelling evidence which is all available from the A&E for 911 Truth website.

But what got me fired up to write today was seeing an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette about a Fort Carson soldier accused of killing an unarmed man outside a Colorado Springs motorcycle club who appears likely to argue at trial that the killing resulted from the effects of combat stress and war injuries.  I couldn’t say, one way or the other, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time someone was killed as a consequence of PTSD, and it is stories like this which prompted us to make our independent feature film, “Purple Mind,” about an Iraq combat veteran’s struggles with PTSD.

Recently, one of our strongest supporters, a member of the Boston Veterans for Peace, has begun working to help get our film into theaters.  He has targeted the Cinemark Theater chain, and their theater in El Paso, TX, home of the First Armored Division at Fort Bliss, TX.  In order to encourage the folks at Cinemark that there is a real audience for “Purple Mind,” we’re encouraging all our friends to drop by the Cinemark Facebook page and write a note on their wall encouraging them to book “Purple Mind” into their El Paso theater (and other theaters near military bases).

“Purple Mind” is the story of Roy Matthews, an Iraq combat veteran who returns from one war only to fight another war against the PTSD which threatens to destroy both Roy and his family.  Brian Morton of Rogue Cinema Reviews gave “Purple Mind” four out of four cigars.  “Purple Mind is one of the best dramas I’ve seen this year.  It’s scary and in the end, it reminds us that not everyone can come home from something as terrible as a war and go right back to life as we all know it..  It’s a great movie that needs to be seen.”

Thanks for any support you can lend.



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“The War On Terror” is based on the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  After eleven years, millions of deaths and trillions of dollars spent on this war, isn’t it time that we share the truth with everyone possible?  We’re within 100 days of the November elections.  Keep in mind, one of Mitt Romney’s key endorsers is mega-war profiteer, George H.W. Bush,

Watch this important video!



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I don’t understand why more people aren’t really angry about the number of people who have died in our two wars.  The other day, Michael Moore described the Iraq and Afghanistan “conflicts” as our two “ongoing Auroras.”

Seems that when one of our own unleashes a deadly attack on unarmed civilians with assault weapons in a theater in Colorado, we can’t stop talking about it.  But when we kill over a million innocent civilians in Iraq, we can only talk about the unfortunate results to our own troops, who I’m calling “Casualties of the Lie.”

Yesterday, I posted a five minute compilation video featuring ex-CIA asset Susan Lindauer discussing her experiences as the first non-Arab American detained under the Patriot Act for threatening to expose the Bush Administration’s lies about advance warnings of the attacks of 9/11 – lies which stand to this day as the justification for our “War on Terror.”  Trouble is, the terrorists were not just the hijackers, they were also those who took advantage of their advance knowledge of the attacks to bring down the World Trade Center and Building 7 by controlled demolition.

Don’t believe me?  Well, you’re not alone.  Most people refuse to think about Govt. complicity in the 9/11 attacks.  If they did, no one would have signed up to go off to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.  If they did, we might not be witness to 18 veteran suicides a day and people wouldn’t be so impossibly familiar with the term “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

If the advance warnings of the 9/11 attacks had been responded to appropriately when the Attorney General and the President were warned, according to Lindauer, there would have been a much more satisfying result.  Through Lindauer, Iraq had offered far better than the threat of war:  they offered to purchase a million American automobiles every year for ten years; they offered American oil companies 1st tier oil export contracts; they offered American business reconstruction contracts for buildings and infrastructure throughout Iraq; and, they offered American technology companies contracts to upgrade the entire Iraq telecommunications system…. all that in exchange for our lifting sanctions responsible for the death of 5,000 Iraqi children a month.  You’d think Bush and Company would have at least considered such a great deal.

Instead we got Paul Bremmer who systematically dismantled Iraq, top to bottom, destroying a civil society and giving birth to a ten year war whose only beneficiary was the US Military Industrial Complex, and a war which still threatens to send the United States into bankruptcy.

But why does it matter, you ask, now that we’re “out” of Iraq and “winding down” in Afghanistan?  It matters because far too many people don’t want to think of America as an aggressor nation.  They want to think of America as “preserving freedom” via a military strong enough to stand up to any threat.  It matters because the trillions spent on our wars of aggression might better serve America by being spent on education, innovation, renewable energy, healthcare and infrastructure, things things which would really benefit America and Americans, things which would create jobs and turn the economy around.

If you believe the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were/are dedicated to “preserving freedom,” ask yourself this question:  What memories live in the mind of a soldier who served multiple tours in Iraq?  Ask yourself why that soldier is twice as likely to die by suicide than members of the general population.  Ask yourself what kinds of trauma, combat and deployment did that soldier experience?  Ask yourself why that soldier’s “fight for freedom” would the cause him to turn to drug and alcohol abuse, to become depressed enough to commit suicide.  Why?  In exchange for his fight to “protect our freedom,” our soldier comes home with depressive symptoms five times that of his civilian brothers and sisters.  And it is all related to stress.  Stress in the form of exposure to death – not just of his buddies, but of innocent civilians as well.  Our soldier comes home feeling isolated and disconnected.  He feels ineffective, no longer deployed or actively involved in military culture, he feels like a failure who doesn’t belong, a burden to others and unable to readjust… because there is little in common between the experience of war – especially an illegal war – and the experience of civilian values.  The war has ripped that dignity from his soul forever – unless he is fortunate enough to receive some honest and meaningful therapy.

Most returning soldiers are reluctant to speak about their experience in the war zone, especially if it contradicts the official story.  Soldiers can lose their benefits if they criticize the military.  But there are a handful of brave soldiers who are unafraid.  They belong to groups like Iraq Veterans Against the War, whose members spoke at the Winter Soldier testimony before Congress in 2008, describing the kind of experiences – clear examples – of why a soldier would come home suffering from PTSD, depression and thoughts of suicide.  Soldiers who are willing to speak truth to power, are the soldiers who truly deserve our respect.  They are the men and women who inspired us to make our film, “Purple Mind.”  They are men and women America needs to embrace and learn from in order that we not be deceived into another unjustified war designed to benefit a few large corporations at the expense of the United States of America.


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CIA-asset Susan Lindauer was the first non-Arab American detained under the Patriot Act.  Her crime was her August, 2001 effort to alert Congress and the White House to the imminent threat of terrorist airborne attacks targeting the World Trade Center.

The truth must be told.  Please share.


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If you’re someone seeking the truth about what’s going on in Washington or in our excursions into the Middle-East, it’s nearly a sure thing you won’t find it in the mainstream (corporate) media.  Our little indie feature film, “Purple Mind,” reflects what hundreds of Winter Soldiers had to say about their experiences in Iraq, but unfortunately a majority of Americans still prefer to believe the fictions of 9/11 and Sadam’s weapons of mass destruction.

This past weekend, I met ex CIA-Asset Susan Lindauer, who was the first non-Arab American prosecuted and silenced under the Patriot Act from talking about her direct knowledge of terrorist World Trade Center attacks well in advance of 9/11.  Susan’s story is terrifying, but now available from Amazon.com – “Extreme Prejudice” – a fascinating study in how the Patriot Act nearly destroyed Susan, eviscerated the US Constitution, and continues to threaten us all today.

One of the “secret charges” brought against Susan was an accusation that she received a book from Iraqi colleague about the US Military’s use of depleted uranium and the resulting birth defects suffered by Iraqis and cancers by American soldiers.  John Ashcroft’s US prosecutors said Susan’s possession of this “classified information” constituted a risk to demoralizing US troops and they attempted to imprison her without trial for up to ten years, an effort which, thankfully, Susan was able to overcome.

So, today I would like to share what one Winter Soldier had to say about what really demoralizes the troops.  Here it is…

9/11 GAVE AMERICA PTSD 07/09/2012

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Some things are just too good not to share.

According to MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-PerryMSNBC Host Melissa Harris Perry Says 9/11 Gave America an Imagined Racial Enemy

  • 9/11 vaulted America into a “nationalist fervor” that was similar to “having post-traumatic stress disorder”
  • Makes racial joke about African-American men wearing NYPD hats
  • 9/11 provided an opportunity for a new “racial enemy” in America
  • America “identifies who we are…through our notions of whiteness and of the racial enemies that are the non-whites”
  •  9/11 gave America a chance to shift its racial hate from “Reagan‘s ’welfare Queen’“ to ”imagine” our enemy as ”somehow Muslim, or Arab, or Sikh, or something else.”
  • Americans an ability to “stomach a kind of horrific racial violence in the name of national security”
  • Those that are “activating terrorism against us” are “imagined racial enemies”

During a speaking engagement Monday, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry made some startling accusation concerning 9/11 and Americas War on Terror.  Perry, who anchors The Melissa Harris-Perry show on the weekends, remarked that 9/11 vaulted America into a “nationalist fervor” that was similar to “having post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The former neighbor to President Obama even used a racial joke to make her point, saying she knew the city was suffering from PTSD because “for about a year, there were African-American men walking around the city of New York with NYPD hats on. That can only be explained as a PTSD response.”

The Tulane Professor of Political Science continued, noting that 9/11 provided an opportunity for a new “racial enemy” in America, explaining:

“Americans in part identify who we are, and who deserves what, through our notions of whiteness and of the racial enemies that are the non-whites.”

She noted that the terrorist attacks gave America a chance to shift its racial hate from “Reagan‘s ’welfare Queen’“ to another ”imagined“ racial enemy that was ”somehow Muslim, or Arab, or Sikh, or something else.”  This gives Americans an ability to “stomach a kind of horrific racial violence in the name of national security,” which Harris-Perry notes is a repeating part of American “history.”

Harris-Perry was speaking to the Take Back The American Dream Conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday:

Some quotes from Melissa Harris-Perry:

  • “Americans of course responded in very typically American ways to [terrorism], something that many people in the rest of the world had already experienced.  We began with a kind of nationalist fervor that was justified as reasonable patriotism.”
  • “I’d like to point out that we clearly must have been having post-traumatic stress disorder because for about a year after September 11th, there were African-American men walking around the city of New York with N.Y.P.D hats on– that can only be explained as a P.T.S.D. response.” 
  • “The other thing that happens in that moment, I don’t want to miss this, is that a new version of what America typically needs emerge, and that is a racial enemy.  Americans in part identify who we are, and who deserves what, through our notions of whiteness and of the racial enemies that are the non-whites.
  • “And in this moment, the new racial enemy became not so much Reagan‘s ’welfare queen,’ who was imaginary, but instead this imagined other that is somehow Muslim, or Arab, or Sikh, or something else.”
  • “We became willing to stomach a kind of horrific racial violence in the name of national security.  It is something that we have been willing to stomach as a people over and over again in our history.”
  • “The Patriot Act was not an act of a Republican president acting alone.  The Patriot Act was a bipartisan decision by both parties.  It was not bought and paid for by corporations; it was bought and paid for by our fear.”