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Laurie Gabriel has been posting interviews with the wonderful cast of “Unthinkable” for the past couple of months while I’ve been totally consumed with production.  Now that things have calmed down a bit and we’re well into post, I thought I would come back to give you a few thoughts on our film from my perspective as its Writer/Producer/Director.

Unthinkable is based on actual events – primarily the “murder-suicide” of 9/11 author Philip Marshall (“Lakefront Airport” “The Big Bamboozle” and “False Flag 9/11“).  Marshall was found dead early last February in his Murphys California home along with his two teen-age kids and the family dog.  Because Marshall published controversial books about the terrorist attacks of 9/11, one would have thought the press might pick up the stories – but no – there were only a couple of stories in the local papers, dominated by an explanation of the events by Murphys Sergeant Chris Hewitt.

Things became even more bizarre as investigative journalist Wayne Madsen went to Murphys to look into what wasn’t being disclosed by local law enforcement.  What he found is the basis for our film, Unthinkable.

What we’re doing isn’t an attempt at solving the many questions surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  There are plenty of researchers and investigators who have been at work for the past ten years trying to put the pieces together on who was actually responsible for the attacks.  Philip Marshall was one of them, and he had some pretty damn interesting things to share from his perspective as a United Airlines pilot with over 15,000 hours at the controls of big Boeing passenger jets.

No.  Unthinkable documents the many and varied ways that Sergeant Hewitt and a number of shadowy figures driving dark SUVs with antennas bristling from their roofs tried to keep folks from looking into the “murder-suicide” any deeper than the information provided in the paper by Sgt. Hewitt.

The real story is the combination of information published by Philip Marshall and the desperate lengths the Calaveras County officials went to keep the public from looking into the actual facts.  That’s the mission of our film, Unthinkable – the film that asks the queston, “What was it law enforcement didn’t want you to know about the facts behind the ‘assassination’ of author Philip Marshall and his kids?”

Stand by for more about Unthinkable and our progress bringing this fascinating story to the public.

Eric Stacey


Unthinkable Intrigue 10/10/2013

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Hello, Everyone!!  A “normal” respected pilot, husband and father has something on his mind.  An important puzzle he wishes the world too unscramble.  Who would you trust if you were him? Strangers you want on your side or your gut?   . . You can run, do nothing or stand up.  Your choice.   Stay tuned.


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Crazy bike ride to the White House?  What’s this all about?

I guess it does sound a little crazy.  It sounded that way to me too when Pam Senzee first called and told me she planned to ride her bike (yes, with pedals) from the San Juan Islands in Washington State all the way across the country to Washington, DC to deliver a petition to the White House.

That is crazy.  Who does stuff like that?  Pam is a member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group of over 1,700 Architects & Engineers who question the official story of how the World Trade Center buildings came down on 9/11.

Oh, no.  More conspiracy theories?  No.  The folks at A&E for 9/11 Truth have conducted serious scientific and forensic studies which produced incontrovertible evidence that the World Trade Center buildings did not come down as a result of fire – the Official Story from the National Institute for Science and Technology.

Don’t most people just turn away from the kind of conspiracy nut jobs you’re talking about?  Yes, and that’s the point of Pam’s ride.  It’s all about outreach.  Pam has made it nearly all the way across the country, giving away hundreds of DVDs from Architects & Engineers founder, Richard Gage, which explain in detail why the group is calling for a new, independent investigation into HOW the World Trade Center buildings really came down.

But I thought the terrorists were all Taliban and Jihadists.  Well, that’s what most people think, but if what the A&E folks are saying about HOW the WTC buildings came down is true, then there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered.

Remember, we’re talking about 3,000 people who were murdered on 9/11.  We’re also talking about two wars, 7,000 US dead and perhaps a million Iraqi dead, not to mention all the casualties plus trillions of tax dollars and assaults on the US Constitution which all came about based on the official story of 9/11.

Well, maybe that’s reason enough to help this nutty gal – what’s her name? – Pam Senzee get the word out.  Glad you think so.  Now, take a look at this little YouTube video I threw together about Pam’s cross country ride to the White House and see what you think.