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Laurie Gabriel has been posting interviews with the wonderful cast of “Unthinkable” for the past couple of months while I’ve been totally consumed with production.  Now that things have calmed down a bit and we’re well into post, I thought I would come back to give you a few thoughts on our film from my perspective as its Writer/Producer/Director.

Unthinkable is based on actual events – primarily the “murder-suicide” of 9/11 author Philip Marshall (“Lakefront Airport” “The Big Bamboozle” and “False Flag 9/11“).  Marshall was found dead early last February in his Murphys California home along with his two teen-age kids and the family dog.  Because Marshall published controversial books about the terrorist attacks of 9/11, one would have thought the press might pick up the stories – but no – there were only a couple of stories in the local papers, dominated by an explanation of the events by Murphys Sergeant Chris Hewitt.

Things became even more bizarre as investigative journalist Wayne Madsen went to Murphys to look into what wasn’t being disclosed by local law enforcement.  What he found is the basis for our film, Unthinkable.

What we’re doing isn’t an attempt at solving the many questions surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  There are plenty of researchers and investigators who have been at work for the past ten years trying to put the pieces together on who was actually responsible for the attacks.  Philip Marshall was one of them, and he had some pretty damn interesting things to share from his perspective as a United Airlines pilot with over 15,000 hours at the controls of big Boeing passenger jets.

No.  Unthinkable documents the many and varied ways that Sergeant Hewitt and a number of shadowy figures driving dark SUVs with antennas bristling from their roofs tried to keep folks from looking into the “murder-suicide” any deeper than the information provided in the paper by Sgt. Hewitt.

The real story is the combination of information published by Philip Marshall and the desperate lengths the Calaveras County officials went to keep the public from looking into the actual facts.  That’s the mission of our film, Unthinkable – the film that asks the queston, “What was it law enforcement didn’t want you to know about the facts behind the ‘assassination’ of author Philip Marshall and his kids?”

Stand by for more about Unthinkable and our progress bringing this fascinating story to the public.

Eric Stacey


Phiamma Elias-Rachel in “Unthinkable” 12/06/2013

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Phiamma Elias, plays “Rachel” in Eric Stacey’s upcoming feature, “Unthinkable”  She’s recently re-entered the film industry as an actress and Phiamma owns her own production company. Her first feature, “Home Skillet” is how she heard about the part.  Catherine Johnson a.k.a. Helen (Unthinkable) suggested she audition for the role and the rest is history.  Catherine plays a lead supporting role in her feature.

Phiamma describes her character as a stressed out and tired mom.  Rachel is working hard to “get by”.  Her husband is absent most of the time and she’s basically been raising her son, Mike, by herself.  The only thing, her character seems to want is for her son to be successful;  to get good grades and be a good kid.  Rachel does her best to get through each day in one piece, but she finds life to be lonely and isolating.  Phiamma says if she could ask her character one question it would be, “What does she want for herself?”

Phiamma states that PDX is a great film community that’s finding it’s way into the big leagues.  The timing of her decision to be involved in it feels really right!  So, get ready to witness remarkable talent!  How does Rachel fit into this government conspiracy?  What is her fate?  You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!!

Chris Crawford-Team Dad in “Unthinkable” 11/22/2013

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Chris Crawford plays a a soccer dad.  He’s a guy who hasn’t ruled out the possibility of government conspiracies.  During a soccer match he and Marshall Phillips (Randall Paul) discuss rumors of a possible killing that is connected to the CIA.  His character is a bit alarmed by the whole idea,  not only because of what it means to his safety but what it means to the country.   “Team Dad” only wants to gain peace of mind from the uncertainty that the world may be in danger.  Chris feels his character believes in doing the right thing for youth, family, friends and country.  He wants to keep the land of the free and home of the brave a reality.

Chris has been involved in the film industry for the past 3 too 4 years since moving to Portland, Oregon.  It’s a love he didn’t know he had and it keeps growing!!  He states he has been fortunate enough to have been in several local movies with some quality directors and actors.   Mr. Crawford has had roles in Grimm, Leverage and Portlandia!!!  Students at the Portland Art Institute have been lucky enough to have Chris in several short films.

Chris confirms that being in the Portland film industry is awesome!!  An all around wonderful experience.  Without a doubt it is one of his favorite things to do.

The “Unthinkable” cast and crew are a great bunch of people.  He states Eric and his crew are so mellow and easy to work with.  Cast and crew are supportive of each other.  He can’t wait to work with them again.  With that being said, there is an interesting moment he’d like to share.  While on route too a location he ended up getting lost and wound up on the opposite side of town!  Yikes.  Well, he found his way too the set and proceeded to embark on the film adventure.   He states he was glad to meet up with his buddy, Dennis FitzPatrick (Madison), meet Randall Paul (Marshall) and had the pleasure of working with new actors/actresses.  A great film and a great experience!

Shannon Churchwell- Chris in the movie, “Unthinkable” 11/21/2013

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Shannon is a newcomer to the film industry.  He studied theatre in high school  for a year and is a triple threat.  Dancing, singing and acting!  He does it all.

Shannon describes his character in “Unthinkable” as a normal guy who likes soccer.  He’s a bit snotty with his sister, Meghan, but nothing too serious.  What makes him stand out is his interest in his dad’s work, which some may say is boring, but not too Chris!

Shannon has gotten great acting advice from Randall Paul, who plays his dad (Marshall Phillips).  Always ready for the opportunity to improve his acting skills, Shannon is grateful for his mentors.

There’s a lot of laughing on set which has made his time on set fun and memorable.  Shannon states, he would love to work with everyone again and how great they are!!!  Talented and easy to work with, what more can you ask for?!!

Shade Streeter-“Unthinkable” 11/20/2013

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Shade Streeter is an up and coming actor who’s already making waves.  In addition to being in “Unthinkable”, a feature written and directed by Eric Stacey, Shade’s been in “The Dark Place”: 2014;  a feature:  “Goodbye, First Love”: 2013 ; short video and in the TV Series: “Patrick Carman’s 3:15 Stories”:  2011.  Now 16, Shade’s been acting in the theatre since he was 8!  His latest feature, “The Dark Place” has just been picked up for world wide distribution.   He’s well on his way to being a favorite in the film industry.  Not only because he’s making huge strides in his films, but he’s also not afraid to go the extra mile on set.  From making a dirt trail look wet and muddy via his mountain bike too learning how to use a gun, he is making the most of his experiences.

One of his favorite experiences was during some down time on set, he and another actor climbed some trees.   This goes to show you that you can have fun, be serious in your craft and be an asset too your colleagues.

Shade describes, Mike as a guy with few worries.  Great home life, supportive parents and friends.  He’s a guy who likes gaming and soccer.  His whole personality changes one fateful night. He withdraws from the people he’s relied upon the most.  What if anything or anyone is going to get him through it?  He’s no longer an innocent guy living his life.

Jerry Bell, Jr. – “Unthinkable” 11/16/2013

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Jerry Bell, Jr. is an accomplished Portland, Oregon actor.  He’s worked on features (The Kill Hole:  2012,  South of Heaven:  2014, Highander:  Dark Beginning:  2013;  shorts (Ambrosia: 2011, The Day They Ran Out of Bullets: 2012, Jive Genie: 2012; and tv’s (Grimm:  2012-2013, Leverage:  2012).  He’s a Georgia native and moved to Portland to follow his acting passion.  He served in the United States Army which perfectly helped him with the character, Dallas, in “Unthinkable.  Dallas is proud of his country.  As a CIA Federal Agent he  has a passionate belief in protecting America.  Anyone who violates the code of honor and betrays the United States better watch out!!  He often leads his partner into precarious situations.  At family dinners there was a flag always within his vision.  He grew up being the best type of soldier, learning how to use weapons for war and how to get himself through the darkness of seeing his comrades die in battle.   He managed to get through it and move on!

Mr. Bell, states how great the director, Eric Stacey, is.  He allowed him to grow and develop as a character.  He set the stage for him to figure out the best way to portray Dallas.  With a small crew, Eric kept the production rolling.  Efficient and getting the work done on time is rare, but Eric did it.  And amazing food was prepared by Eric’s wife!!  Never underestimate how keeping cast and crew well fed leads to a happy team!  So, check out Jerry Bell, Jr’s IMDB page for more information!

Catherine Johnson 11/01/2013

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There are a lot of stars in “Unthinkable”.  One of the most positive, talented and gracious is Catherine Johnson.  Hand picked by Eric Stacey, she knows what the stakes are.  The two worked together on “Purple Mind”  A film centered around a man suffering from PTSD.  With emotionally intense dialogue and a controversial subject matter, Catherine is in for a serious ride.

Catherine states, her character, “Helen” in “Unthinkable” has been married to the same man for ten years and she loves him dearly.  Their lives take on a whole new meaning when something sinister happens to the neighbors.  Helen has a close bond with them.  What is she to do?  Does she unravel the mystery?  Her compassionate and protective nature … does she help or mind her own business?

Unthinkable Intrigue 10/10/2013

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Hello, Everyone!!  A “normal” respected pilot, husband and father has something on his mind.  An important puzzle he wishes the world too unscramble.  Who would you trust if you were him? Strangers you want on your side or your gut?   . . You can run, do nothing or stand up.  Your choice.   Stay tuned.

UNTHINKABLE 10/04/2013

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What’s Unthinkable – the Government shutdown? Yes, but we have something else in mind. Unthinkable is the title of the new independent film coming from Movies On A Mission. We’ve been in pre-production for the past three weeks and have assembled a kick-ass cast of Portland actors, including Randall Paul (“Eyes Wide Shut”), Dennis Fitzpatrick, Michael Biesanz, Drew Barrios, Deone Jennings and a ton more.
The script is based on actual events – a “murder suicide” according to local police, but possibly a professional assassination according to a well respected investigative journalist.
Want to know more? I’m producing and directing the film, but will jump in when time permits. In the meantime, stand by for updates from filmmaker and Unthinkable participant Laurie Gabriel straight from the trenches.




“SECRET FUNDS” 03/31/2013

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Movies On A Mission has just launched a new crowd funding effort for AFFIDAVIT, the film that will once and for all put an end to speculation about the CIA’s use of drug trafficking to raise “Special Funds.”

What are “Special Funds” you might ask?  Those are the off-the-books funds which are not budgeted by Congress or the President to fund special operations, such as training and arming the Contras during Iran-Contra of the 80s and today may even include tens of millions in Corporate donations to favored political candidates.  The OSS began “Special Fundraising” during WWII in Italy with the help of Mafioso Vito Genovese, by cornering the market on heroin.  Ever since, drugs have been a preferred means to fund CIA super secret operations, and today, as Washington and Colorado have voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuanna, we believe it is time that the Government’s criminal hypocrisy come to an end.

No, we are not the first to take on this mission.  In August, 1996, the San Jose Mercury News began publishing Gary Webb’s articles, The Dark Alliance, which revealed spectacular details of an Army-CIA drug ring which sold tons of cocaine to the street gangs of Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, the SJMN publishers caved in to pressure from Washington and withdrew their support for the Webb articles.  Not surprising, as David Guyatt comments in the footnotes to his articles “Deep Black – The Secret Wars of the CIA” – “Don’t expect the major media to inform you of what is really going on in the world. They won’t. To paraphrase Walter Mattheu’s one-liner uttered to perfection in the movie JFK: “These dogs don’t hunt.” Least-ways not anymore. The old media “blood-hound” is, today, curled up on a rug in front of the salary fire. His muscles have wasted, his belly is full and his nose has forgotten how to twitch – and his arm twitching dreams are of earlier days.”

Our film, AFFIDAVIT, tells the story of PFC William Tyree as documented by affidavits sworn by Tyree’s commanding officer, Col. Edward P. Cutolo and US Army Criminal Investigator, William Wilson, who served as the Army Inspector General of the May Lai Massacre.

Tyree took part in two black Operations, Watchtower and Orwell, both initiated by Edwin Wilson.  Watchtower was to “establish a series of three electronic beacon towers beginning outside of Bogata, Columbia, and running northeast to the border of Panama.” With the beacons in place and activated, aircraft could fix on their signal and fly undetected from Bogata to Panama, landing at Albrook Air Station. All told, 30 “high performance aircraft” flew the covert route to Albrook.

More alarming still, are Cutolo’s and Tyree’s allegations concerning a black operation suitably named “George Orwell” which saw the return of Edwin Wilson.   During a meeting with Cutolo, Edwin Wilson explained that “it was considered that Operation Watch Tower might be compromised and become known if politicians, judicial figures, police and religious entities were approached or received word that U. S. troops had aided in delivering narcotics from Columbia into Panama.” Based on that possibility, Cutolo, formed twelve separate Special Action Teams (SATs).  Operation Orwell was tasked with implementing intense “surveillance of politicians, judicial figures, law enforcement agencies at the state level and of religious groups.”  The underlying purpose was to provide the “United States government and the Army” with advance warning of the of the discovery of Watch Tower to enable them to “prepare a defence.”

Bill Curtis produced a broadcast television documentary, “Murder At Fort Devens” in 1998.  The program explored the prosecution and conviction of William Tyree for the murder of his wife, Elaine.  The documentary explored only what was available to the public at the time.  Tyree’s pre-trial judge, Judge James Kiliam found Tyree innocent and expressed his suspicion that “forces unknown” were at work behind  Elaine Tyree’s murder and Bill’s subsequent conviction.

But today, armed with the affidavits of Col. Cutolo and Col. William Wilson, we know that PFC William Tyree was charged, prosecuted and imprisoned for a murder Col. Cutolo knew Tyree did not commit; a murder Cutolo conspired to falsely convict Tyree of in order to protect “National Security.”

How much longer, and how many more will be murdered, die accidentally or be discredited through incarceration so that poppies and cocca leaves can fund the secret wars of the CIA? Latin America was the secret CIA war following Vietnam.  Iraq and Afghanistan were next, both based on manufactured evidence.  We are still at war in Afghanistan.  How many more of our service peoples’ lives will be wasted based on wars generating “Special Funds” and on dark secrets protected by “National Security?”

There is only one thing we can do to stop this — for those who profit from “Special Funds” to be held accountable for the crimes they have committed. That is what  AFFIDAVIT is all about, to shed light on how this has happened and to reverse course on a military bankrupting a nation and its people. Will you support AFFIDAVIT?

We can only produce “AFFIDAVIT” with your help.  The film is crowd funding at www.usaprojects.org/project/affidavit.  Whether you are able to contribute twenty-five dollars or a thousand, every dollar is tax deductible and will finance a film dedicated to reversing a terrible wrong.

Eric Stacey,
Producer, Movies On A Mission, LLC