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PTSD & 4th of July 07/04/2012

Posted by landfallprods in Purple Mind.
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Happy Fourth from Landfall, but please don’t forget the vets who may not enjoy the fireworks.

Bill Brigs writes in U.S. News, “Explosive bursts somewhere in the night – somewhere close – send Marine veteran Pete Chinnici lunging to his feet and scurrying outside, heart racing, chest heaving. His instinctive mission: track, identify and “eliminate the threat.”  To Chinnici, 26, who served two tours in Iraq and has since dealt with a mild case of post-traumatic stress disorder, the loud, staccato pops can sound much like a machine gun.  “I instantly want to know,” he said, “where the sound is coming from so I can understand what I’m up against.”  Throughout that brief, chilling moment, Chinnici knows intellectually that he’s prowling his own yard in Phoenix. Emotionally and instinctively, however, he’s been momentarily yanked backward in time to an unfriendly, unpredictable, violent land. The trigger: kids playing with firecrackers.  As the nation’s birthday looms – and, most definitely, on July 4 – an unknown number of combat veterans, including active and retired soldiers diagnosed PTSD or not, will cringe, flinch and feel anxious as the crackle of fireworks sporadically fills their American neighborhoods, towns and cities. The annual celebration of freedom has, for many warriors, become one of the worst days of the year.”

Here is a scene from an earlier version of our indie feature, “Purple Mind,” with Emily Bridges, Will Shepherd and Brighid Fleming which illustrates the above article.


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