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I found my entire principal cast of three wonderful actors at Backstage West.  Brighid Fleming was the third.  At the time (2009), Brighid, who, because most people can’t pronounce her name properly (Brie-id), goes by the nickname “Fish,” had just turned ten with the role of DELIA, Gerard Butler’s daughter in “GAMER” recently completed.  Imagine yourself as a ten year old surrounded by all these heavy hitters…

Since she first saw actors on a stage at the age of five or so, Brighid has known what she wants to do with her life.  After the untimely death of her father, Brighid’s mother, Carol, decided to dedicate all her resources to supporting Brighid’s dream and the two moved from New Mexico to Los Angeles, where Brighid began appearing on stage and gradually began booking roles in film and TV.

To date (June 2012) Brighid has appeared in sixteen movies/videos and eight television series, including “The Mentalist,” “Awake,” “CSI: Miami,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and “Saving Grace.”  She has the highest IMDB star meter reading of any of the “Purple Mind” cast and was more fun on set than a busload of Cirque du Soleil clowns.

The character Brighid plays is Crystal Matthews, a little girl attempting to understand  a father who has been away at war and who returns as a complete stranger at odds with the world around him and suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which has turned him into some kind of a monster.   I absolutely must compliment Brighid on was her work ethic as an actress.  Every day she was on set, she came in prepared, knew her lines, and when the camera rolled, she was in  character, requiring minimal direction for such an emotionally demanding role.  Brighid was an absolute joy to work with, and I am convinced that one day she will be a star.


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